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New message from Open Dialogue for Psychosis =

Dear Bjor


Thanks for =
your message. Yes the book is based on the Finnish OD programme and =
illustrates in one section where it, or aspects of it are being =
introduced in a number of other countries and =C2=A0in some cases their =
effectiveness being researched.

For your =
information OD is not necessarily without medication but it is found =
that it is used far less frequently especially the so called =
neuroleptics with better outcomes.


There is a =
separate development in Norway where drug free treatment is being given =


Hope you =
enjoy the book


Brian =




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ond Bj=C3=B8rheim

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– Is this similar to the Open Dialogue programme in Finland, =
or maybe the
the same model ?

– Is this based on drug free =
treatment ?

– I ended up here via a link from a professor of =
psychiatry who are very
pro-medication. Does that mean that =
mainstream psychiatry are now
changing it’s course ?

– If the =
third question is : "Yes", that would mean that most of the =
not only knew how dangerous the medicating is, but the =
changing of course
is a confession, so, Am I wrong in demaning that =
most of these psychiatrist
should be prosecuted for destroying =
innumerable lives and being part of a
large business which spreads =
lies among the public ?

Best regards
Raymond =
Bj=C3=B8rheim =